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Cyberspace and Outer Space

Queen of Outer Space

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I ‘m wondering why Marty Sklar’s people have not contacted my people yet to arrange the dinner I had written about last month.  I threw my wish out there in cyberspace, but nothing has happened yet.

I have decided that wishing in cyberspace is the same as wishing on a star (outer space).  The whole universe is watching via cyberspace so why can’t you wish from there?  Someone, somewhere will read about my wish to dine with Marty Sklar (since Mr. Disney is not available) and my wish will come true.  So, I’m waiting.  It’s only a matter of time before everything is in perfect alignment for it to happen.

My other wish was to dance to Fred Astaire.  He is also not available, so the following will be excellent substitutes:  Maksim Chernovsky or Tony Dovolani from Dancing With The Stars.  The only other excellent dancer I could think of was Patrick Swayzee; another availability problem.  I fell in love with him in “Dirty Dancing”.  Just call me “Baby”.

I have lots of other wishes, too, but going to start with these two for now.  Don’t want to flood cyberspace with too much at one time.

What wish would you like to throw out into cyberspace?


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