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Elections-Disney Style


Vote (Photo credit: Joe Shlabotnik)

While recuperating from my slipped disc, I have had way to much time on my hands to think.  Looking at the recent election debacle in Florida, I racked my brain to try to help  Florida with the cluster that they currently have on their hands (for the last 12 years) and have decided that Florida should take let Disney take over their election process.

First, Disney is located in Florida, so this makes for a natural choice.  Secondly, who manages queue lines better than Disney?  If you’re going to be standing in line for hours at a time, Disney could set up those infamous rope lines to help corral the crowd and place overhead fans and misters to help the voters stay cool.  Disney could also install overhead monitors to help the undecided voters, by playing both Fox News and MSNBC so that the voters are very well-informed by the time they get to the voting booth.  (Fox News is fantasy, so this plays very well into the Disney theme)

Thirdly, Disney could institute the “Not So Scary, Very Merry, Early Voting” event, where voters, for the small price of $69.95 could purchase a ticket to a pre-election day event at the polling place of their choice.  The voter would be entitled to a line free voting booth and a commemorative pin with Mouse ears surrounded by a voting ballot with a hanging chad.  AND…the $69.95 would help the state of Florida with their current Mickey Mouse process and help them get their act together in time for 2016.

Who’s with me?

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Raining "buckets" in February

In the month of December there are no less than a dozen birthdays of my family and friends. Not sure what it is about the month of March, but I’m guessing something about cabin fever and winter being too long.  My birthday is in February; Ground Hog Day to be exact, and there is nothing that I like better than spending my birthday at Disney World.

Early February is a great time to visit Disney World.  Holidays are over, MLK week-end has passed and there are those precious few weeks between mid January and mid-February which beg me to come and visit.   The weather can be iffy; cold and rainy, or you could get lucky with some balmy mid 70’s weather, but either way, a great winter escape.

In 2010, I spent my birthday in Disney World, and had a great time.  Even though it rained buckets, it was fabulous.  I wore my “It’s my Birthday” button and received “Happy Birthday’s” all day long from cast members.      In 2011, I was not lucky enough to be at my favorite place, but my family was coming from Chicago to help me celebrate.  NOT!  You may recall the HUGE blizzard that stranded cars on Lake Shore Drive and then wreaked havoc on the east coast.  I spent that day dreaming about the rain in Florida and wishing I was there.

Have you spent your birthday at Disney World?  What are the things that you like to do to make your day more special?


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Holiday Services

I’m sitting at my window watching the sleet come down.  Today seems more like winter than Christmas Day did.  Also eating Ghiradelli chocolate peppermint candy and feeling like I want to keep the holiday spirit going for just a few more days.

Did you know that there is a department in Disney titled “Holiday Services”?  I was just reading about this fascinating group of people and have added this job to my future dream job at Walt Disney World.

From the “Disney Files Magazine”-Charged with transforming the Central Florida property into a winter wonderland each holiday season, this dedicated team of Cast Members works throughout the year to create, collect, repair, replace, sort, store, distribute and ultimately install a mind bending array of decorations before uninstalling their masterpieces and starting the process anew.  

All of the holiday decorations are stored in a 54,000 square foot warehouse.  A computerized system tracks every decoration so that they are all returned to their rightful place in the warehouse once the holiday is over.  Each piece is inspected for wear and tear (the Florida sun can be damaging to some of the items) and the decorating -replacement cycle is about 5 years.  The entire process of refurbishing and replacing lasts from January through October, and then the holiday decorating starts again.  

Here is the part that I like- …searching far and wide for unique items to complement a design concept or sitting down with Walt Disney Imagineers to create pieces you won’t find anywhere else.  

I’d like to think I’m creative and dreaming up holiday decorations with Imagineering would be so much fun!  I don’t really get into decorating my house during the holidays; just a few items here and there, but decorating the parks for the thousands of guests that come to see the holiday magic, would be a labor of love.

Since we’re talking about dream jobs, if you could decorate one space at any of the Disney parks or resorts for the Christmas holidays, which one would it be?


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Happy Holidays!

I wish I was one of those families who are, at this moment, spending the holidays at Disney World. I’ve always wanted to wake up on Christmas morning and be at the Magic Kingdom.  The next best thing for our family is watching “The Very Merry Christmas Parade” on ABC.  It has become a holiday tradition that we don’t miss.  We sit in our jammies, eating breakfast and imagining ourselves sitting on Main Street watching the parade.

The program used to be live, and I thought it was much better then.  Most of the show is now pre-recorded which has taken some of the magic out of it.  They used to display the temperature at the Magic Kingdom, and we’d be sitting around our fireplace, shivering from the cold, and wanting so badly to be in the Florida sun.

I try not to cast a cynical eye on the program because when you come down to it, it’s really just a 90 minute commercial for Disney World. We’ll watch it just the same, and we’ll lure my grandson into the tradition.

For those of you that have spent Christmas at Disney World, I would love your feedback on the experience.  Too crowded?  Would you do it again?

Wishing everyone the happiest of holidays and a peaceful, healthy and prosperous New Year.


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Have baby, will travel

The little guy has been here for the past two days, which explains my absence from my blog.  I’m not as young as I used to be, so I have to devote all my energy to him, which does not leave me any time to write.

I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to reference the amenities at Walt Disney World which can help make a parent’s life easier when they are traveling with little ones.  First of all, Carnation hosts Baby Care Centers at every theme park.  They are located: (courtesy of Disneyworld.com)

Magic Kingdom Theme Park
Magic Kingdom theme park features a Baby Care Center next to The Crystal Palace restaurant on Main Street, U.S.A.

Epcot Theme Park
Epcot theme park features a Baby Care Center inside the Future World Odyssey Center.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios Theme Park
Disney’s Hollywood Studios theme park features a Baby Care Center in the Guest Services Building inside the Main Entrance.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park
Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park features a Baby Care Center located behind the Creature Comforts store in the Discovery Island area.

The Baby Care centers have diaper changing stations, nursing areas, and provide a quite place for Moms, Dads and babies to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the parks.

The advent of the Disney Vacation Club resorts is a blessing to those traveling with children.  When my girls were little, we did not have refrigerators or microwaves in the standard hotel rooms.  I used powdered formula, bottled water and heated the bottle in a glass of hot water.  Oh how times have changed!  Staying in a villa provides all the comforts of home and eases any concerns parents may have about bringing their babies.  The villas also provide privacy for families that you were not able to enjoy in a hotel room.  Kids can sleep on the pull-out sofas in the living room, and parents can relax in the Master bedroom.

I’m probably a bit rusty on all there is to know about the joys of traveling with little ones to the World, so I would appreciate any enlightenment from you Moms and Dads that have done it recently.  Any tips you would like to share?


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Not Marty Sklar

I hope to post enough about Mr. Sklar so that his PR people will contact me and magically invite me to dine with him.  A girl can dream, can’t she?

Thanks to prttynpink who suggested the next best thing would be the Walt Disney World experience of “Dining with an Imagineer”.

From the Walt Disney World website:

Dine with an Imagineer at Walt Disney World Resort! During this one-of-a-kind experience, meet up with a Disney Imagineer for a delectable, 4-course meal at one of two Disney restaurants:

Up to 10 diners can delight in a fascinating discussion with one of the innovative artists who bring the magic to Walt Disney World Resort. To commemorate this special occasion, you’ll receive a souvenir plate that can be personalized by the Imagineer!

*Price: $60.99 Guests 10 and older (6.5% tax and 18% gratuity will automatically be added to the check).

First of all, a very reasonable price for the dinner AND the experience.  An intimate group of 10 would allow for adequate conversation with the Imagineer, without everyone trying to talk over one another.  Both of these restaurants are reasonably quiet so that you could hear what was being said.

I’m adding this to my Walt Disney World bucket list.  Feedback appreciated from anyone who has participated in this venture.  Hoping that you felt it was informative and worth your time.


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Let the countdown begin

I’m supposed to be writing a paper for school on  Borderline Personality Disorder, but that is not quite as interesting as planning my next trip to Disney World.

I get a rush when I call Member Services at DVC to make my reservation.  It’s so exciting to choose our dates and hope that we can get the hotel and view that we want.  Luckily, I’m in my 8-11 month window for my home resort;  a 1BR, Boardwalk View, for 6 nights starting Saturday October 20, 2012 was available.  Yeah!  Now I can put this date in my new countdown clock, and start planning for the Food & Wine Festival for 2012.

Only 319 more days until my next trip!  It will go by fast.  It always does.  Do you have your Disney trip planned for 2012, or another special vacation?  I would love to hear about it.


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