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A Long Magical Day

Our previous trips to the Magic Kingdom consisted of Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Caribbean, and mostly sitting on benches and people watching. This is not much fun for a 3 year old, so our day began in Fantasy Land taking in everything that would amuse a toddler. Papa rode the Merry-Go-Round with him and then we made our way through the throngs of people, under the hot sun, to the mecca of rides for little kids “It’s a Small World”. This ride has not changed at all throughout the years, and that’s a good thing. The simplicity is what makes the ride so enchanting for kids. All the dolls, movement and color; enough to capture the attention of a little boy.

Fast Pass for Peter Pan, and then over to Pooh Corner for some character time and to stand in line for the Pooh Ride. We have now been at the park over 4 hours and have not set foot out of Fantasy Land, and it’s already nap time. Back to the hotel for some R&R and to wait for my brother and sister-in-law to arrive.

A long nap later and it’s time for Extra Magic Hours at the Magic Kingdom. The plan is to ride the rides during the Electrical Parade, watch “Wishes” and then hope that everyone leaves the park after that, and the best laid plans were…the best laid plans. The park emptied out and we walked on Haunted Mansion, Pirates, Jungle Cruise, Buzz Lightyear, and People Movers, and had enough left-over time to enjoy a Dole Whip. Hopped the midnight bus back to the Boardwalk, and got the little guy in bed with just enough energy for a nightcap on the veranda; Coffee and Bailey’s Irish Cream.

My favorite time at the Magic Kingdom is “empty time”. I hate crowds and heat and waiting in line with an impatient toddler, and we did not have to endure too much of that with the “after dark” touring plan. I highly recommend this for anyone who truly wants to enjoy the Magic Kingdom at its best.

Tomorrow is looking like Hollywood Studios and the long awaited Food & Wine Festival at Epcot.

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Let the memories begin-Day 3

Happy Halloween!  WoW!  What can I say about this day.  It was chock full of fun and excitement.  It was not a great start to the day though.  Woke up to overcast and rainy skies.  More suitable for:

Suitable for Ducks!

Not to be daunted by a little rain, we threw on our rain ponchos and headed to the Yacht Club for breakfast via the Friendship launches.  Eating a substantial breakfast buffet helped us decide to walk back to the Boardwalk and in the pouring rain.

I'm singing in the rain...

Stopped at Java Cafe in the Swan hotel hoping for a decent latte, but sadly was disappointed.  Overpriced and lukewarm.  I can cross this java location off my list.

Back to the room to watch the rain and tidy up the villa.  A cocktail sounds good right about now.  We had been wanting to try the Belle Vue Lounge, but not this time since it does not open until 5:00pm.  Well, there is bar at the ESPN Club so we rode out the storm on a few Jack and Cokes and Captain and Cokes.  It’s dark inside so we could not see that the sun had come out.  YIPPEE!  This was good news since it was almost time to start getting ready for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party!

I was sitting on the deck doing a little reading before it was time to leave, and hubby yells, “quick get the camera”.  I thought he saw someone in a cool Halloween costume, but instead it was this:

What can I say, but WOW!

It was the Cinderella coach complete with footmen and horses!  All of our years of staying at the Boardwalk, and I NEVER saw this before.  It was way beyond awesome.  I ran out of the room and down to the village green and the coach was picking up a bride for her wedding at the Pavillion.  Her bridesmaids were dressed in Halloween costumes, and I thought, “what a great theme for a wedding”.  So, today, I was able to experience a “first” on my trip.  After 50 trips to Disney World and Disneyland, there are not a lot of “firsts”, but I’m glad I got to experience one today.

Another first- Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party.  We arrived about 4:30 pm just as a good majority of the day visitors were leaving.  We walked on; Buzz Lightyear, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Haunted Mansion.

Some "ghostly" visitors

It was now time to stake our position for the parade and fireworks.  We scored a bench near the castle and spent a pleasurable amount time people watching.  Better than regular people watching since everyone was dressed in costume.  Saw lots of cute kids.  It was tough to pick out a favorite, but there was a toddler dressed up as Nemo and he was just as adorable as can be.  (Although, I know he was not as cute as my grandson dressed as Pooh)  LOTS of Pirates which seemed to be the prevailing costume.  The prize for creativity goes to 2 gentlemen dressed as jellyfish.

Jellyfish costumes!

Typically, I can take parades or leave them, but the “Boo to You” parade was bunches of fun and I caught myself smiling more than once.

“Hallowishes”, again, another WOW!  We tried to capture some of it on film, but pictures will not do this one justice.


After the 10:30 parade when all the tired children were being taken home, we headed to Tomorrowland for my favorite ride, People Movers, where there is never a line.  While riding around Tomorrowland, we noticed no line for Buzz Lightyear.  YES!  Rode this 3 times in a row where hubby always kicks my butt.  I actually was able to score over 100,000 on the last trip, but was beaten by his score of over 500,000.  Last picture of the night:

"The Claw..."

Left the park at the midnight closing and saw an end to another terrific day at Disney World.  Tomorrow…FOOD AND WINE FESTIVAL!


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