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A Long Magical Day

Our previous trips to the Magic Kingdom consisted of Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Caribbean, and mostly sitting on benches and people watching. This is not much fun for a 3 year old, so our day began in Fantasy Land taking in everything that would amuse a toddler. Papa rode the Merry-Go-Round with him and then we made our way through the throngs of people, under the hot sun, to the mecca of rides for little kids “It’s a Small World”. This ride has not changed at all throughout the years, and that’s a good thing. The simplicity is what makes the ride so enchanting for kids. All the dolls, movement and color; enough to capture the attention of a little boy.

Fast Pass for Peter Pan, and then over to Pooh Corner for some character time and to stand in line for the Pooh Ride. We have now been at the park over 4 hours and have not set foot out of Fantasy Land, and it’s already nap time. Back to the hotel for some R&R and to wait for my brother and sister-in-law to arrive.

A long nap later and it’s time for Extra Magic Hours at the Magic Kingdom. The plan is to ride the rides during the Electrical Parade, watch “Wishes” and then hope that everyone leaves the park after that, and the best laid plans were…the best laid plans. The park emptied out and we walked on Haunted Mansion, Pirates, Jungle Cruise, Buzz Lightyear, and People Movers, and had enough left-over time to enjoy a Dole Whip. Hopped the midnight bus back to the Boardwalk, and got the little guy in bed with just enough energy for a nightcap on the veranda; Coffee and Bailey’s Irish Cream.

My favorite time at the Magic Kingdom is “empty time”. I hate crowds and heat and waiting in line with an impatient toddler, and we did not have to endure too much of that with the “after dark” touring plan. I highly recommend this for anyone who truly wants to enjoy the Magic Kingdom at its best.

Tomorrow is looking like Hollywood Studios and the long awaited Food & Wine Festival at Epcot.

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Weekly Photo Challenge-“Close”

Looking to work this week’s theme into my Disney blog, and I remembered some of the pictures that I took at Disney World that were a close-up of everyday things.

Cupcake close-up

Fairy Tale Close-Up

Towel “ears”

Winning Score Close Up!

Relaxation Close-Up

Today let’s stop and enjoy the people, places and things that are close to us.  Happiness is in your own backyard!


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Time Flies When You’re Planning a Disney Trip

I started this blog about 6 months ago when I was preparing for my Halloween trip, and here I am, just days away from the next one.  When I come back from this trip, I’ll be in the planning stages for my next trip in October.  Life is just one long preparation for trips to Disney World.  I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Look for trip reports, pictures, tidbits, information and anything else that I find interesting during my travels.  Hoping to have lots of magic to share.

Do you take joy in the journey or the destination?

Life Is A Journey

Life is a journey.
It is very short and
Each of us only gets to make this journey once.
Enjoy the journey!

Life is a journey.
Life’s journey is filled with choices.
Whatever choices we have made,
We should be responsible, calm and even brave
When facing the results brought by our own choices.

Life is a journey.
Now my life’s journey continues…
Enjoy the journey!

Leo Zhang


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What Not To Wear

People watching is the best attraction there is at Walt Disney World, especially the clothing that people choose to wear for a day at the parks.  While I have been known to shop and stress over what to wear on my vacation, it really boils down to the following:

  • Comfortable
  • Well-fitting
  • Quick drying (for those water rides)

My blogger friend over at “Pretty Grievances” captured some swell outfits from park goers on her last trip.  Main Street Style.  Of particular interest is the park visitor in the all white outfit accented with VPL and other things you should not be seeing.

The “Fashion Police” in me finds it hard to understand why some women find it so difficult to wear well-fitting clothes.  I’m not even talking expensive or designer, just something that plain old fits your body.  I have to think that these people don’t even have mirrors.  On my next trip I’m going to try to capture the good, the bad and the ugly of park couture.

I already know what I’m packing for the next trip; crop jeans, crop khakis (no shorts on these legs), solid color tee-shirts and comfortable walking shoes.  Very simple.  What are your basics that you need for a stroll in the parks?


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Secret Decoder Ring

Everyone remembers the scene in the movie “Christmas Story”, where Ralphie, listening to the radio show, decodes the secret message using the decoder ring he just received in the mail;  “Drink Ovaltine” was the secret message.  Today, we’re not going to decode a secret message, but I thought I would provide a list of acronyms frequently used on Disney blogs and bulletin boards to help you understand the lingo.  Here are some of them:

DME-Disney’s Magical Express

ADR-Advanced Dining Reservation

BWV-Boardwalk Villas

SS-Saratoga Springs

WDW-Walt Disney World

DVC-Disney Vacation Club

VWL-Villas at Wilderness Lodge

THV-Tree House Villas

BLT-(not the sandwich)  Bay Lake Tower

ToT-Tower of Terror

MNSSHP-Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party

MVMCP-Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party

MK-Magic Kingdom

TOTW-Top of The World Lounge at Bay Lake Towers

SSR-Saratoga Springs Resort

OKW-Old Key West

BCV-Beach Club Villas

HA-Handicap Accessible

F&W-Food and Wine Festival

FP-Fast Pass

AP-Annual Pass

EMH-Extra Magic Hours

AK-Animal Kingdom

Rope Drop-arriving at the park just as it opens

CM-Cast Member

I know there’s more of these, so please feel free to respond and add your own.  Now that you know the lingo you can post with confidence on the boards and blogs.


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Sick and Tired

Everyone expects to get tired on vacation, but no one expects to get sick.  I have experienced this first hand, back in the 80’s when my daughter was a baby.  It was just her and I staying off-property for a night when she came down with an ear infection.  What to do?  I called a cab and was driven to the nearest hospital which was in Sand Lake and spent several hours in an emergency room.  Not a fun way to start a vacation.  This was before the time of urgent care, so things are a lot better now.

For those annoying, but not too serious ailments, the resort gift shop will have some remedies for tummy troubles, headaches, colds and things of that nature.  If your malady will not be cured by any of these, there are several Urgent Care sites nearby that you can visit.  Centracare and Main Street Physicians will even make “house calls” to your resort.     Info courtesy of Brian Bennett at Mouse Planet:

Medical Facilities / Contacts



Phone Number

Buena Vista Walk-In Medical Walk-In Health Services, on SR 535 (407) 828–3434
Care Medical Wheelchairs for Rent (m-f:8:30-5, s,s:9-4)  (800) 741-2282


Walk-In Health Services, The Crossroads

(407) 239-7777


Walk-In Health Services, Disney Main Gate

(407) 397-7032


Walk-In Health Services, Kissimmee

(407) 390-1888


Walk-In Health Services, Lake Buena Vista

(407) 934-2273


“House Calls” (In-Room Health Services to On-Site WDW Resorts)

(407) 238-3000

Dental Emergency Dental Referral (407) 648–9234
Gooding’s Pharmacy (at the Crossroads) Prescriptions Filled for Your Pick-Up (407) 827–1207
Mediclinic Walk-In Health Services, on SR 192, Just East of I-4 (407) 396–1195

Main Street Physicians

“House Calls” (In-Room Health Services to On-Site WDW Resorts), Prescription referrals

(407) 239-1195,

(407) 396-1195

Sandlake Hospital

Full Service Hospital including Emergency Services

(407) 351-8550

Turner Drugs

Prescriptions filled and delivered to all WDW Resorts

(407) 828-8125

If you should require medical attention while at the parks, below is a listing of the locations of the First Aid Stations.  (from the Walt Disney World website:)

First aid stations are available in each Theme Park and Water Park at Walt Disney World Resort. Please immediately contact a Cast Member if you have an emergency.

Magic Kingdom Theme Park
The first aid station in Magic Kingdom theme park is located next to The Crystal Palace restaurant on Main Street, U.S.A.

Epcot Theme Park
The first aid station in Epcot theme park is at the Odyssey Center.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios Theme Park
The first aid station in Disney’s Hollywood Studios theme park is located near Guest Services on Hollywood Boulevard.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park
The first aid station in Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park is located behind Creature Comforts in Discovery Island.

Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Water Park
The first aid station in Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Water Park is located behind Leaning Palms.

Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park
The first aid station in Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park is between Lottawatta Lodge and Beach Haus.

Downtown Disney Area
There is no first aid station at Downtown Disney. Please immediately contact a Cast Member if you have an emergency.

I wish everyone a healthy vacation, but be prepared just in case.


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Vegan in Walt Disney World

I tried vegan once for about 2 weeks.  I was hoping to lose some weight, but it never happened.  I found myself eating way too many carbs, and therefore abandoned the vegan life.  I know it takes a lot of time and effort on the cooking front, but I was not willing to put the time in.  I have some family members that are vegan and I wondered what it would be like to eat vegan at Walt Disney World.

Doing my research, I can recommend the following sites:

Vegan Dining at Disney World-the author provides several good tips about being vegan; bringing snacks from home and calling the restaurants ahead of time to make meal arrangements.  A main course and dessert from Boma looked absolutely delicious.

The Disney Food Blog-some good Q&A plus information on how to contact the Special Diets line at Walt Disney World so that restaurants can prepare ahead of time.  A very nice service.

All Ears.net-posts the menus from all the restaurants at Walt Disney World.  Good place to scope out what’s available.

Popcorn and pretzels are vegan at Disney World, so that’s good to know, although I’m pretty sure the churros are not.  That would be a bummer for me, as well as all the desserts.  The writers above all acknowledge that there are lots of choices for snacks, especially fresh fruit and veggies.

So, it IS possible to eat vegan in Walt Disney World.  It just takes a little planning ahead.  Would anyone like to share their vegan experience?


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