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There’s an app for that.

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Image via CrunchBase

I just got my first Apple iPhone and the thing is fantastic!  I especially love Suri because I can ask or tell her anything and she immediately obliges.  She is my new best friend.  In addition to Suri, my next favorite app is “Shazam”.  Shazam will listen to any music that is playing and immediately tell you the song name and artist.  Shazam will even link you to iTunes to download the song.  I love technology!

I’m looking, however, for the best Walt Disney World app.  There are several out there, but I’m not sure which one is the best.  I’m hoping that my blog readers can point me in the right direction.

Tell me about your favorite or best Walt Disney World app.


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The belief in a thing makes it happen

The belief in a thing makes it happen.”  – Frank Lloyd Wright.  I really like this quote.  It affirms what I have thought all along that sometimes wishing makes it so, especially since today is my birthday.  I am on a quest this year to have dinner with Marty Sklar.  I’m hoping he doesn’t think that I am some kind of cyber-stalker.  I’m just a middle-aged woman who has loved Disney her entire life and would like to have a conversation with someone who was there with Walt Disney from the beginning.

It may not even happen this year, or next, but I know it will.  Just like my belief that someday I will be on the Disney Mom’s Panel.  I have applied three years in a row and have not made it past the first round.  Some of the 2012 Mom’s Panelists were in my same shoes, and they made it to the big-time.  It can happen to me, too.

I didn’t ever think I would write a blog, but here I am.  I don’t know how good it is, but I have put myself out there.  I am striving to be a better writer and hope that my Creative Writing class is improving upon that.

The other thing I believe in is getting my college degree.  I’m getting closer and I know that one day I’ll be walking the stage in cap and gown accepting my degree and graduating summa cum laude.

And my last belief is that I will work at Disney World someday.  It will probably be sometime in my retirement years, and possibly only seasonal, but I can SO see me telling guests “Have a Magical Day”.

What do you believe in?


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Mad Men and Disneyland

Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color title s...

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Watching 3 hours of Mad Men this morning made me nostalgic for Disneyland in the 1960’s.  I can remember watching “The Wonderful World of Disney” while growing up and always loving the shows about Disneyland.  I was not able to visit Disneyland until 1977, but nonetheless, I remember those shows.  Let’s take a walk down memory lane.

Characters at Disneyland circa 1960's

Adventureland Ticket Booth

TWA Moonliner 1960- (photo courtesy of Daveland.com)

Submarine and Monorail from the 1960's

Walt Disney greeting Shabanou Farah

Now it’s time for me to don my white gloves and hat and smoke a cigarette.  Would love to hear about your family trip to Disneyland in the 60’s.


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Walt Disney said…

You can find anything on the web.  I wanted to find some of my favorite Disney quotes, and wouldn’t you know it, they are housed in a website called Disneydreamer.com..  There are so many, but I picked the ones that really spoke to me and help illustrate the magic that is unique to Disney.

“Part of the Disney success is our ability to create a believable world of dreams that appeals to all age groups. The kind of entertainment we create is meant to appeal to every member of the family.” —Walt Disney

“Why be a governor or senator when you can be king of Disneyland?” —Walt Disney

“The fun is in always building something. After it’s built, you play with it awhile and then you’re through. You see, we never do the same thing twice around here. We’re always opening up new doors.” —Walt Disney

“Tomorrow will be better for as long as America keeps alive the ideals of freedom and a better life.” —Walt Disney

“To captivate our varied and worldwide audience of all ages, the nature and treatment of the fairy tale, the legend, the myth have to be elementary, simple. Good and evil, the antagonists of all great drama in some guise, must be believably personalized. The moral ideals common to all humanity must be upheld. The victories must not be too easy. Strife to test valor is still and will always be the basic ingredient of the animated tale, as of all screen entertainments.” —Walt Disney

“My business is making people, especially children, happy.” —Walt Disney

“It has that thing – the imagination, and the feeling of happy excitement – I knew when I was a kid.”—Walt Disney

“Disneyland will never be completed. It will continue to grow as long as there is imagination left in the world.”—Walt Disney

“To all that come to this happy place: welcome. Disneyland is your land.”—Walt Disney

And, no compilation of Walt Disney quotes would be complete without this one:

“I only hope that we don’t lose sight of one thing – that it was all started by a mouse.”—Walt Disney

Do you have a favorite Walt Disney quote?


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